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Schlagwort: Medieval

Interaktive Karte zeigt mittelalterliche Mordfälle in London, York, und Oxford

Die University of Cambridge hat eine interaktive Karte im Netz, die die im Mittelalter statt gefundenen Morde und dazugehörige Hintergrundinformationen in London, York, und Oxford zeigt. Ich weiß gar nicht, was genau die Karte für mich so interessant macht, aber ich klicke da jetzt trotzdem schon eine Weile drin rum.

In the first half of the fourteenth century, London was a bustling metropolis. The population of 80-100,000 people mostly lived within the City Walls, with 7 main gates, 25 wards, and about 110 parishes. Along the Thames, the wharfs and markets saw merchants from Flanders and the Hanse Cities, and the area around Poultry and Bank was home to a large financial industry with bankers from Florence and elsewhere. Markets around Bishopsgate, along Cheapside offered fish, meat, milk, bread and other daily goods. London was also famous for its luxury goods, especially gold, clothes, shoes, spices, weapons and jewellery. Powerful guilds such as the tailors, fishmongers, bakers, and cordwainers dominated local politics, controlled prices, and gave a sense of identity to young people as apprentices. Religious houses were scattered across the city, and St Paul’s Cathedral with its massive spire dominated the skyline.

London coroners’ rolls have survived for nine years between 1300 and 1340. The texts report the findings of the investigative jury. They were summoned when a suspicious, sudden and violent death had occurred. Although the details vary, the summary would usually specify where and when the homicide happened, who was involved, what triggered the event, what weapons were used, and what the nature and dimensions of the wound were.

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Mittelalterliche Interpretation von Nine Inch Nails‘ „Hurt“

Johnny Cashs Cover-Version von Nine Inch Nails‘ „Hurt“ dürfte eines der großartigsten Cover aller Zeiten sein und hat damals wohl auch deshalb die Popularität des Originals bei weitem überstiegen. Jene Version hat Hildegard von Blingin dazu inspiriert, davon eine mittelalterliche Interpretation mit Harfe aufzunehmen und zumindest ich mag die.

(Direktlink, via The Awesomer)

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Wie man im Mittelalter dachte, eine perfekte Burg bauen zu können

Die DDR war ein kleines Land und wir konnten über die Grenzen dieses selten hinweg. Wohl auch deshalb ist mein alter mit mir damals zu gefühlt jeder Burg gefahren, die es in der DDR so gab. Ich hab die wirklich alle gesehen – und mochte sie damals.

Hier ein Video über den Bau von Burgen im Mittelalter.

We trace the origins of the castle in the feudal system that emerged in France c.900 CE, and look at the early motte-and-bailey castle, used by the Normans to subjugate England and Wales in the 11th century. We then look at how castle’s became stronger and more sophisticated, with the addition of stone curtain walls, massive keeps, towers (square, round and D-shaped), as well as powerful gatehouses, barbicans, machicolations and moats.

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90 Minuten lang HipHop-Songs im Stil mittelalterlicher Balladen

Gute Nacht für heute.

Greetings and good will to all people, from the royal castles to the streets and taverns!

I, Beedle The Bardcore, doth humbly present my musical renditions for thine enjoyment. I ask nothing of you in return but should thou take pleasure from my merry tunes and be inclined to support me in my endeavours, you can buy this thirsty troubadour a flagon of ale or a hot meal by becoming a patron.

I still hath love for the streets, please help me to continue to serenade them.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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