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The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand

Habe den Tab seit Tagen immer noch offen, aktuell viraliert das Video. Zu Recht. Weil gute Nudeln immer gehen. Hier zwei Nudel-mach-Pros bei der Arbeit.

Hand-making process involves taking a lump of dough and repeatedly stretching it to produce many strands of thin, long noodle. Literally, lā, (拉) means to pull or stretch, while miàn (麵) means noodle. In the Lanzhou style, the dough is worked aggressively. It is pulled in straight, quick, tugs with no twisting or waving. Some pullers regularly slam the noodle against their prep boards to ensure even stretching and uniform thickness. Flour is sometimes used to dust the strands and prevent sticking. Our noodles are freshly pulled after you place an order.


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„Moodles is a short animation based on the effects of negative emotions on one’s self. It turns built up tension, stress, and anxiety into creative catharsis. Frozen figures – once paralyzed by moods – are reduced to heaps of flexible nothingness.“


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Die traditionelle Herstellung von Suomian Nudeln

Ein beeindruckendes Portrait über einen Herren, der im chinesischen Nanshan seit über 15 Jahren auf ganz traditionelle Weise Suomian Nudeln herstellt. Das erinnert eher ans Weben als ans Nudeln machen. Und zum Trocknen hängt er die Dinger raus.

The kind of Chinese noodles exists for more than 300 years, but only 300 people know the process for how to make it. The character who still keep making this kind of noodles for 30 years, that become the master of Nanshan noodles.

(Direktlink, via Sploid)

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