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Schlagwort: Physics

Kleine blaue Murmel als Anstoß zu Allem: Blue marble 2

Ich liebe diesen Shice wirklich sehr: Kaplamino hat nach seinem „Blue Marble“-Video zu Beginn diesen Jahres jetzt nachgelegt und „Blue Marble 2“ gebaut. Nicht weniger aufwendig, nicht weniger geil. Großartig! Mindestens.

„The trick at 0:23 caused the majority of the fails. It had to be exactly in the right position and it was moving because of the vibrations of the trick above. The air canon with the balloon was a big challenge to make. The rubber band squeezes the balloon around the straw to release the air in a specific direction. Then the hardest part was to find how to stop the air and deliver it when I want. It was too difficult to put something like tape at the end of the straw because it was either too clingy or not enough. The solution was to twist the balloon around the straw and block it in this position with a rope. In this position the air stays in the balloon until it untwists. I explain it because I think what exactly happened it’s not easy to get when you see the video. After this I built a timing catapult trick. I know I’m crazy because timing tricks are so unreliable, it was mostly based on luck but worked 80% of the time. It was so sensitive, just a little more dust or some hair on my table could make it fail so I had to clean it for almost every take. Yep I used a fidget spinner again, I’m proud of this one, nice and almost never failed. The big catapult was supposed to be a trick with fire (the plan was to build something with elements: fire, air and water). The marble was supposed to go up because of the explosion of a firecracker :p But it was too risky, I know it can work (it worked 2 times) but with MASSIVE luck. It’s impossible to predict how they’ll explode. And it caused lots of others problems. The marble was burned and it wasn’t rolling really well after that. The shockwave can trigger other tricks and finally the debris from the explosions was falling all over the place and could block the marble at a later stage. It also burned the table and hurt my ears. So I gave up, but maybe you’ll find this trick in a screenlink later ;) About the water trick. Release the water was really easy, but it took me weeks to figure out what to do with it. You can’t push something with it, not enough force … So I taped a folded paper and when the water touched it, it got wet and unfold because of the weight :D But the marble also touches the water and gets wet. After that you can see that it moves slowly. So the final trick had to be VERY sensitive. Why do I always put the most sensitive trick at the end?“

(Direktlink, via Maik)

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Spinning a Lego Wheel faster

Ich weiß nicht, was jemanden antreibt, herauszufinden, wie schnell sich ein Lego-Rad drehen kann, aber ich bin diesem Jemanden irgendwie dankbar, es herausgefunden zu haben. Warum weiß ich gar nicht genau. Spoiler: er dreht das Dingen mit bis zu 17350 U/min – und das ist schon recht ordentlich für ein Spielgerät.


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Bei Sonne lieber keinen Parabolspiegel im Auto liegen lassen

Marc „Zeke“ Kossover ist ein Naturwissenschaftslehrer in Kalifornien. Als solcher ist er immer auf der Suche nach realen Demonstrationen von wissenschaftlichen Prinzipien. Manchmal aber vergisst er diese auch. Wie in diesem Fall, bei dem er einen selbstgebauten Parabolspiegel im Kofferraum seines Wagens liegen ließ. Bei Sonne. In Kalifornien. All das sorgte dann dafür, dass das Plastikinterieur in seinem Auto zu schmelzen began. Heiße Angelegenheit.

You might be wondering how I could make such a mistake? I had a lot to carry into the Exploratorium, and the mirror wouldn’t fit on the cart. I planned on coming back in a few minutes, but I got busy doing something else, and it slipped my mind. Coming back in the afternoon, I sat in the driver seat and looked into the rear view mirror.

(via MeFi)

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