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Schlagwort: Sloths

Nur ein neugeborenes Faultier

Vielleicht schmelze ich gerade ein bisschen.

A sloth mum and her first baby are incredibly bonded and attached at the hip after a difficult birth that put both of their lives at risk.

An ultrasound of Fiona the six-year-old, two-toed Linnaeus sloth confirmed that she was pregnant after mating with the male sloth that shares her enclosure – six-year-old Westley.

Baby Beany was born at a whopping 691 grams – almost double the average of 350 to 400 grams for baby sloths – resulting in a difficult birth for first-time mum.


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Im Atlanta Botanical Garden haben sie kleine Beobachtungsroboter, die aussehen wie Faultiere und auch nicht schneller unterwegs als diese.

Their newly developed SlothBot is built to study animals, plants and the overall environment below them by moving as little as possible. It inches along overhead cables only when necessary, charging itself with solar panels to monitor factors like carbon dioxide levels and weather for as long as possible — possibly for years. It even crawls toward the sunlight to ensure it stays charged.

The 3D-printed shell helps SlothBot blend in (at least in areas where sloths live) while sheltering its equipment from the rain.

The robot will start by watching over the Atlanta Botanical Garden for several months, hanging from a lone 100-foot cable.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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Eine Faultiermutter und ihr Baby

Oh mein Gott, an den ich nicht glaube, ist das niedlich! Awwwww!1!!!!!

Sloth give birth to only one baby at a time (per year or less) and the newborn clings onto its mother’s fur for a few months after birth. Their slow-moving habits along with their greenish color is an effective camouflage. Their fur appears greenish not because of pigmentation but thanks to the symbiotic relationship between green algae and their long and coarse fur.

(Direktlink, via Laughing Squid)

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Über die Alltagsprobleme eines Faultiers

Der japanische Illustrator keigo zeichnet auf ganz vorzügliche Weise, mit welchen alltäglichen Problemen sich Faultiere rumschlagen müssten, wenn sie auf der menschlichen Seite der Lebewesen stehen würden.

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Ein Altersheim für Faultiere

Auf der Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire, Südwales, hat man sich entscheiden, gealterten Faultieren ein Heim zu geben, in dem sie ganz entspannt ihren Lebensabend verbringen können. Auch ein Grund, mal nach Wales zu fahren.

Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire, South Wales, has decided to start homing older two-toed sloths which have retired from other zoos.

Instead of taking on young breeding pairs, the special facility aims to give ‘silver sloths’ a place to relax – and help conservation efforts by freeing up zoo enclosures for younger breeding pairs.

And the farm already has two elderly residents – an adorable male and female pair called Tupee, 24, and Lightcap, 34, who is currently the fifth oldest sloth in any European zoo.


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