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Einer Faultiermutter ihr Baby zurückbringen

Neulich in Costa Rica. Awwww!!11!!!

This is the adorable moment a three-fingered sloth was reunited with her baby – after it was found stranded and crying on a beach.
The cub was separated from its mother who had already started to climb its way back up the tree and into the canopy on May 10.
Fortunately, staff from Jaguar Rescue Center in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica spotted what had happened and scooped up the tiny creature.
It was then rushed to the vet for a check up where it was found to be in good shape – before the rescuers hatched a plan to safely reunite mum and baby.
They recorded its cry and played it out to the mother to summon her down, and once she began her descent her precious tot was carefully handed back.

(Direktlink, via Neatorama)

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