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Vogelgesang-Synthesizer in Form eines Vogels

Schönes Meta-Projekt von Kelly Heaton, die einen Vogelgesang-Synthesizer in Form eines Vogels gebaut hat.

My „printed circuit birds“ are self-contained sound generators. The electronics are � analog: no audio recordings or software are involved. By “analog” I mean that the sound is dynamically produced by the bird’s body (aka the circuit), like a vintage synthesizer. In this video, I adjust knobs to change resistance in the circuit, thereby altering the song quality. You can think of this like adjusting neurons in a bird’s brain to alter the impulse by which it vocalizes. I am passionate about building circuits because they demonstrate the life-like qualities of electronic hardware, which is often over-looked in favor of software.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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