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Wie jemand in sechs Schulen jeden Monitor übernahm, um 11.000 Schüler gleichzeitig zu rickrollen

Nach Angaben dieses Herren, hat er im April in dem Township High School District 214 in Illinois in sechs Schulen gleichzeitig jeden Monitor gekapert und so nicht weniger als 11.000 Schüler gleichzeitig gerickrollt. In diesem Blogbeitrag erklärt er, wie er das gemacht hat und warum er danach keine Schwierigkeiten bekam.

This story isn’t one of those typical rickrolls where students sneak Rick Astley into presentations, talent shows, or Zoom calls. I did it by hijacking every networked display in every school to broadcast „Never Gonna Give You Up“ in perfect synchronization. Whether it was a TV in a hall, a projector in a classroom, or a jumbotron displaying the lunch menu, as long as it was networked, I hacked it!


A few days after sending the report through the anonymous email account, we received an email response from D214’s Director of Technology. The director stated that because of our guidelines and documentation, the district would not be pursuing discipline. In fact, he thanked us for our findings and wanted us to present a debrief to the tech team! Later, he revealed the superintendents themselves reviewed and were impressed by our report! 😯


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