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Doku: How Techno Shapes the Future

Neue Doku der Deutschen Welle, die der Frage nachgeht, wo Techno heute steht, den Blick aber erstmal in die Vergangenheit richtet.

Before we look to the future, we take a look back to where the hype started. From Detroit to Berlin and Frankfurt – techno’s futuristic beats set dance floors on fire worldwide.
The lines between subculture and mainstream have long been blurred. Since the 1990s the genre has evolved.

Emerging from underground scenes techno has become a mainstream phenomenon with the message: “Be yourself – everything is allowed!” Fetish-wear is now the dress code of a young generation of TikTok ravers who discovered techno on social media. DJs do not only move dance floors but are simultaneously entrepreneurs who need to perform just as well online, as they do on stage.

On this episode of Arts Unveiled, we explore how all of this is changing the way techno music is produced and consumed.


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