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Niklas Roy hat mit dem Graffomat einen Plotter-Bot entworfen, der einfache Graffiti auf Wände malt und sich auch per Internet steuern lässt.

The construction follows a classic XY structure. The X-axis consists of 2 aluminum tubes on which two short PVC electric tubes slide, to which the spray can holder is attached. The can holder is pulled back and forth by a clothesline that runs over two pulleys, one of which is driven by a cordless screwdriver. The nozzle of the spray can is operated by a lever from a model-making servo motor.

The real-time control of the plotter via the Internet works via the WebSocket protocol. With this protocol, data can be transferred from the web browser to a web server without having to reload the website. The server can also transfer data back, which is then processed by a JavaScript program integrated into the HTML document.

(Direktlink, via The Awesomer)

2 Kommentare

  1. Cris1. Oktober 2021 at 17:09

    Eigentlich wäre auch ne Sprühdrone kewl so erwisch-technisch.. 😁

  2. Fritz1. Oktober 2021 at 19:34

    Netter Plotter.
    Ja, die Drohne wollte ich schon ewig mal bauen, nicht erst seit da mal jemand am glaube Times-Square was über ein riesiges Plakat gekleckst hat. Aber eine funktionale plot-drone gibts doch bestimmt schon.

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