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The evolution of the trap drum set

In April 2011, Wynton Marsalis launched “Hidden in Plain View: Meanings in American Music,” a three-year performance and lecture series at Harvard University. The six lecture series began with “Music as Metaphor,” an interpretation of the many unobserved symbols in American music and their illumination of the democratic process, and featured performances by Marsalis alongside Ali Jackson (drums), Dan Nimmer (piano), Walter Blanding (tenor sax), Carlos Henriquez (bass), James Chirillo (guitar and banjo), and Mark O’Connor (violin).


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12 *Must-Know* Dave Grohl Drum Beats

Ich bin kein Schlagzeuger, weiß die Schießbude als Teil der Rhythmusgruppe allerdings wirklich sehr zu schätzen. Und Dave Grohl ja sowieso sowas von.

Dave Grohl has written so many epic drum beats over the years, it’s tough to have a conversation about memorable grooves without mentioning his name.

That’s why we’ve put together a video breaking down 12 of his must-know drum beats. You can probably guess a few of them, but you might also find a few obscure (Them Crooked Vultures, anyone?) surprises.

(Direktlink, via Laughing Squid)

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Ein Besuch in Amerikas ältester Schlagzeug-Manufaktur

Business Insider zu Gast bei Noble & Cooley, dem mit 160 Jahren ältesten Schlagzeug-Hersteller Amerikas, der heute vor allem für seine Snaredrums bekannt ist, die aus nur einem Brett hergestellt werden.

Seven generations of one family have been making drums at Noble & Cooley since 1854. The Massachusetts company started off manufacturing toys, but is now known for their high-end snare drums made from a single plank of wood.


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