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Schlagwort: Eye Candy

Augenzucker: aBiogenesis

Wunderschön liquide Animation von Markos Kay, den ich hier neulich erst mit anderen trippy Arbeiten hatte.

Abiogenesis is the study of how life originated on Earth. It is a complex and mysterious subject, and scientists have proposed many different theories to try to understand how life first emerged.

Presented here is a conceptual reimagining of the „lipid world“ theory which postulates that life originated from lipids forming membranes which would then envelop matter and nutrients to form protocells. Biological cells as we now know them can be thought of us membranes within membranes.

aBiogenesis from Markos Kay on Vimeo.

(Direktlink, via Colossal)

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Eye Candy: Glitzer und Tinte in makro

Sehr, sehr hübsche Makrovisualitäten von Vadim Sherbakov, der dafür mit jeder Menge Glitzer und Farben spielt, was in der Summe an astronomische Ereignisse erinnert.

Velocity is my third experimental short macro film. “A colourful journey though uncharted cosmos” was the slogan and driving force behind this new short film.
Idea of creating this film came from observed similarity between glittery ink and cosmos. During the last two films I couldn’t shake the feeling that sparkling glitter with dark ink backgrounds on one hand and colourful pigments on the other reminded me of a distant galaxies, galactic clouds, nebulas and other cosmic bodies.

(Direktlink, via Colossal)

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Augenzucker: Maxim Zhestkov – Artificial Organisms

Neue Arbeit von Maxim Zhestkov, der dafür künstliche Organismen wabern, schimmern und pulsieren lässt.

We are a product of biological evolution that started its own evolutionary process in the virtual space. Isolated from human control by design, digital intelligence defines its further evolution by itself, slowly growing into an independent subject that will eventually redefine our physical and virtual realities.

Detached from biological, it is a digital-born inhabitant of the metaverse. Will it manifest itself in any three-dimensional shape or will it outgrow our form-oriented reality?

For centuries to come, Artificial Organisms, unfamiliar creatures of the new world, will exist in the digital universes, exploring and building them without our guidance. Perceiving these creatures from our point of view, we can only imagine how they will look, projecting our outdated beliefs onto the unknown future, where might no longer be a place for us.

(Direktlink, via Colossal)

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Wasser, Pigmente und Tinte imitieren die Erde von oben: Satellike

Ein wirklich wunderschöner Kurzfilm von Roman De Giulis, für den er mit dem Einsatz von Wasser, Pigmenten und Tinte so etwas wie Luftbildaufnahmen der Erde imitiert.

This project was initiated by a job I did for the National Palace Museum of Taipeh. The museum ran an exhibition on culture treasures of the history of Taiwan in 2020. I was hired to create fluid and abstract interpretations of some iconic items, a collection of several drawings and artworks. I decided to develop my existing methods further, stepping away from stock paints and ink and creating most of the paints myself. One important aspect was to implement natural colors and realistic earth tones to the color palette and focus more on details than on a commercial look with punchy color and contrast.
Over a period of 4 months, I experimented with natural substances like sand, stone powder and historic pigments. Some of these supplies are rare and expensive, for example jade and malachite powder.

(Direktlink, via Colossal)

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Eye candy: Beyond the horizon

Neues und wieder schön hypnotisierendes Video von Rus Khasanov.

As with all my art projects, in «beyond the horizon» I used simple materials to create a new visual experiment.
Behind this project there are dozens of shooting days, during which hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos were filmed with Sony a7RII and Sony a7RIV. There were 5 final versions of this video, which I reworked adding new footage again and again.
While working on this project, I was faced with the constant following of the ideal shot, which is so close and distinct, but constantly disappears beyond the horizon.


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