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Eye Candy: Glitzer und Tinte in makro

Sehr, sehr hübsche Makrovisualitäten von Vadim Sherbakov, der dafür mit jeder Menge Glitzer und Farben spielt, was in der Summe an astronomische Ereignisse erinnert.

Velocity is my third experimental short macro film. “A colourful journey though uncharted cosmos” was the slogan and driving force behind this new short film.
Idea of creating this film came from observed similarity between glittery ink and cosmos. During the last two films I couldn’t shake the feeling that sparkling glitter with dark ink backgrounds on one hand and colourful pigments on the other reminded me of a distant galaxies, galactic clouds, nebulas and other cosmic bodies.

(Direktlink, via Colossal)

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  1. Minimalcat26. April 2022 at 18:11

    Dann check mal Roman de Giuli auf youtube

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