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Fluid Art Machine: Emitter

Roman De Giuli hat mit Emitter eine „Fluid Art Machine“ entwickelt, die mit einem halbautomatischen Farbtropfensystem bunte Pigmente ins Wasser pumpt und dann miteinander vermischt. Das Ergebnis wirkt optisch digital ist aber organischer Natur und sieht verdammt gut aus. Augenzucker de Luxe, aufgenommen in 8K HDR mit 60 fps.

EMITTER is an experimental fluid art film which was created with a semi-automatic paint drop system. Since the beginning of my career, I exlcusively focused on chemical reactions and fluid motion on the macro and micro scale. But over time, I developed several visual methods on bigger canvases to create alive paintings which unfold over a longer period of time. To achive this, I apply a thick base layer of paint and then start to add other colors with droppers or by pouring. As the amount of paint is higher than what the canvas is able to absorb, the paint drops down from all edges of the canvas and onto my desk below. What I noticed for years is, that the constant dropping leads to fascinating and complex colors layers one cannot create by hand. I started to capture what was happening out of frame instead of focusing on the color flow on canvas and collected footage over time.

(Direktlink, via The Awesomer)

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