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Alter FBI-Überwachungsvan auf eBay

Auf eBay gab es die Tage diesen alten Dodge RAM, der wohl aus FBI-Beständen stammt. Wenig Kilometer und mit jeder Menge technischem Klimbim ausgestattet, das allerdings nicht mehr ganz zeitgemäß ist. Die Kiste hat dann für $18,700 den Besitzer gewechselt.


Proof of everything from the day the Van was bought at the dealership by the FBI.
I have a workorder to the company who rebuilt it.
I have documents and owner guides for gadgets inside.
This van was bought form the government auction for anyone wondering on „HOW?“

The 1989 Dodge Ram 350 was used for FEDERAL DRUG INVESTIGATION and still has Surveillance tapes inside with notebooks. How cool!?!

3 Extra Batteries + onboard charger/adapter
Toilet in the back
2 LCD Screens
Video recorders/Players with all the gadgets
Tape Recorder/Player
Rear AC/Heat Unit
Propane Tanks
A lot of 110V Sockets
* You can turn off/on the engine from the back *
Every door has extra locks!

(via BoingBoing)

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