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Aheneah macht aus Wolle und Schrauben großflächige Wandbilder und wenn sie die illegal machen würde, wäre das ironischerweise tatsächlich Sachbeschädigung.

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Ein Streichorchester-Tasteninstrument: Wheelharp

Jon Jones aus Missouri hat mit dem Wheelharp ein Tasteninstrument gebaut, dass in der Lage ist ein vollwertiges Streichorchester zu emulieren. Natürlich wird ein Streichorchester immer noch besser klingen, aber das Teil klingt schon ziemlich gut und sieht allemal besser aus als jedes noch so gute VST Plug In.

The Wheelharp is a groundbreaking keyboard musical instrument that gives the player the ability to orchestrate a full chromatic scale of sixty-one (61) actual bowed strings at one’s own fingertips, almost like having a real chamber string orchestra at hand.

With an exotic profile and stunning rosette appointments, the Wheelharp’s appearance is equally as breathtaking as its audible character. It is available in a Radial Model (curved keyboard) and a Linear Model (traditional straight keyboard), and in several ranges.

It utilizes a patent-pending action and bridge to translate the player’s subtle fingerings into a range of bowing intensities, and comes equipped with a damper system and electronic pickup system, allowing individuals to sculpt astonishingly beautiful and complex sounds. For musicians, composers, and studios that seek to create the natural sound of classical string instruments while avoiding the frequently sterile quality of digital string synthesizers and samples, or for those looking to foray into new sonic territory, the Wheelharp presents a truly exciting opportunity.

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