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Die Straßen New York Citys von oben


Der in Brooklyn lebende Fotograf Navid Baraty ist auf die Dächer New York Citys gestiegen und hat von dort aus die Straßen seiner Stadt fotografiert: Intersection | NYC.

Anyone who’s walked around a city looking up at the grandeur of the towering buildings knows how small you can feel amid such giants. I wanted to instead look down from those dizzying heights and capture a surreal and altered perspective on the familiar chaotic but rhythmic life below. While there’s undeniable beauty in abstracting architecture into angles and reflections, I was attracted even more by the unique character of each city that could still be perceived from far above.

In New York, you feel the energy and flow of the city–the constant stream of yellow taxis lining the avenues, the waves of pedestrians hurriedly crossing at the change of traffic signals, little figures disappearing into the subway stations, the chorus of honking horns and sirens. High above the streets of Tokyo, it’s quite different. The order and geometry of perfectly parallel lines, precise angles and thoughtful proportion reflect the society’s meticulous attention to detail and artistic presentation.

Life in a city can often be relentless, with endless demands and deadlines, pressures and expectations. This can create a sort of tunnel vision that prevents us from experiencing the wonder of the city as a dynamic and living thing. I’d like people to take away a new perspective on the broader life and motion of a city, and most importantly, the context of their role within it.

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(Fotos unter CC von Navid Baraty)

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Schnell mal einparken

Vermutlich wird sich in 2-4 Tagen rausstellen, dass das hier irgendein fies verstecktes Viral für irgendwas ist. Für eine russische Fahrschule, für Chips oder für Erdnüsse oder so. Dann wird es total langweilig. Bis dahin aber zumindest kann die halbe Welt versuchen, so einzuparken wie jene Dame, die wohl hier am Steuer sitzt.

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