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Schlagwort: Weekend

Samstagmorgen: Eltern vs Kinderlose

Die Eltern unter euch dürften das so oder zumindest so ähnlich kennen. Rob Fee von Mandatory hat das mal in einer Grafik zusammengefasst.

It doesn’t matter how many parenting books you read or how much research you do before having a child, nothing will ever prepare you for having every Saturday for the next two decades of your life destroyed. Kids don’t get the idea of sleeping in on the weekend or giving you a day off after a long shift at work. They’re relentless monsters that want nothing more than to drain you of your life force. If you don’t believe me, let’s look at an average Saturday for someone with kids verses an average Saturday for someone without kids.

Und trotzdem sind die Kleinen das Beste, was uns vermutlich je passieren wird. Hoffentlich.

(via Like Cool)

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