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Berlin, timelapsed

Ein bisschen sind selbst mir die Timelapse-Video so langsam ein wenig über, aber eines aus Berlin gucke ich mir dann doch noch ganz gerne mal an. Dieses hier kommt von Matthias Makarinus, der auch schon Berlin Dynamic verantwortlich war und schreibt:

Three years after my last timelapse project “Berlin Dynamic”, which illustrated Berlin’s city life with its trains, airport or public swimming pools, it’s now all about the time. My new project “Berlin Time” will show you the most famous locations and sights in Germany’s capital at different seasons and day times in a dynamic fashion. There is deserted places in the morning, when the lights are still off and it’s slowly getting light. At noon, the city is in a hurry and filled with life until the late evening, when the city lights relume. In the winter, Berlin’s icy river Spree reposes, while the city keeps in fast motion, such as its famous Christmas markets and in summer, while most people already sleep, there is a thunderstorm almost unperceivedly lighting the night’s skyline.

(Direktlink, via Gilly)

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