DJ Vadim – Bob Marley Megamix2

Ich habe lange nicht Marley gehört und hatte noch länger schon keinen Marley-Mix mehr im Blog. Aber wenn DJ Vadim sich bequemt, einen neuen Megamix mit den Liedern des Meisters aufzunehmen, kann ich gleich beides auf einmal machen, auch wenn „Megamix“ an sich ja immer irgendwie ein bisschen nach Dorfbums klingt.

I couldnt resist. He is a legend. Arguably one of the most important singer songwriters of the 20th century. Some would say it is elvis or the beatles or bob dylan etc. the list is long but i would argue that few have had the global impact Marley had. if u go to townships in africa, who will they know? if u go tot the slums in peru or philipines or mongolia. its bob all the way. and thats the thing. He wrote some of the most beautiful love songs and protest songs at the same time. he touched the rich and the poor, the down trodden and even the political elite of his time.
on a recent tour in the US, i was genuinly shocked how few americans knew bob marley. ppl will say, bollocks vad. but tis true. time and time again, ppl in america just didnt know reggae. im not talking about the jamicans who live on flat bush av in BK. im talking main street USA. if ppl had heard of him, they wouldn b able to mention a song. So i was like, wow. im gonna do a little mix of alternative marley songs. not just Legend but others songs that people may not have heard. my favourite is WAR. the lyrics taken from emperor haille salasie speech to the United Nations…. wat a speech. How many politicians would be able to elequently express them selves like that nowadays…
enjoy. The spirit of bob marley continues.

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