Ein 200 Jahre alter Riesensalamander

Ein Fischer in China hat in irgendeiner Höhle einen 200 Jahre alten riesigen Riesensalamander gefunden. Älter als meine Uroma! Blöderweise haben die das Tier jetzt aus seiner Höhle geholt und zu Forschungszwecken in ein Planschbecken gepackt.

Endemic to China, the Chinese giant salamander (CGS hereafter) is the largest extant amphibian in the world. Part of the ancient Cryptobranchidae lineage dating back 170 million years, it earns the moniker “living fossil”. However, this species is Critically Endangered and is currently on the brink of extinction. …To save this species from extinction, a Conservation Programme has launched in China, initiated by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in collaboration with Chinese institutions and the government of China. The goal of this Conservation Programme is to build the evidence-base and capacity to underpin, promote and conduct a strategic conservation plan for the CGS within its native range in China.

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  1. Frank Reichmann 17. Dezember 2015 at 13:51  zitieren  antworten

    so sind se :die Humans

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