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The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra

Technics hat die Crème de la Crème der Turntablisten zusammengebracht und sie in der Summe an ihren Decks als Orchester spielen lassen.

The world’s first ensemble performance using only turntables and mixers.
The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra creates a whole new music experience, reconstructing classical music by playing vinyl records with a variety of musical technique

(Direktlink, via Vinyl of the Day)

Qbert (1992-1994 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200GR
Mr.Switch (2014 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200LTD
Swamp (1996 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200 MK5
Kentaro (2002 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200GR & SL-1200GR
Yasa (2007-2011 DMC World Team Champion as KIREEK) on SL-1200MK3D
Hi-C (2007-2011 DMC World Team Champion as KIREEK) on SL-1200MK5
Izoh (2012 DMC World Champion) on SL-1200MK5
Rena (2017 DMC World Champion : The youngest champion ever) on SL-1200MK5 & SL-1200 MK3
6th Generation on SL-1200MK3D
Bahn on SL-1200MK5
Baku on SL-1200MK5
Bori on SL-1200MK5
Bunta on SL-1200MK3D
D-Styles on SL-1200G
Dom-Auto on SL-1200MK3D
Doon on SL-1200MK3D
Fummy on SL-1200MK5
Hiroshi on SL-1200MK3D
Ina Takayuki on SL-1200MK3D
Jifrock on SL-1200MK3
Ken-one on SL-1200MK3D
Miyajima on SL-1200MK3D
OM on SL-1200MK3D
Reiko on SL-1200MK3D
Sarasa on SL-1200MK3D
Shota on SL-1200MK5G
To-Ru on SL-1200MK3
Wa-ta on SL-1200MK5G
Yone on SL-1200MK5
You-ki on SL-1200MK3D

3 Kommentare

  1. cogito music7. April 2018 um 19:11

    think this is out of date. a turntabelist will never handel a turntable like an instrument, sorry, but a turntable is an turntable an will only play a record witch is made by an musician. Neverless there was a time were this type of music was sold very well, but i think there was a time and not it is the time. next please.

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