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Album-Stream: Phaeleh – Clarity

Der großartige Matt Preston aka Phaeleh hat seit ein paar Tagen ein neues Album draußen und das steht seinen Vorgängern in nichts nach. Atmosphärisch, deep, Bass und hin und wieder in Hall getauchte Vocals. Schön.

‚Clarity‘ sees the Bristol based producer further push his sound and production versatility. Featuring the atmospheric sub heavy melodies Phaeleh is traditionally known for, with an increased focus on the hardware synthesisers and guitars which have become more prominent on his recent releases.

2018 saw Preston returning to the studio with the goal of creating a follow up to ‚Lost Time‘ (2017) without the industry based delays and frustrations of that release, only taking time out for a remix on Anjunadeep and some select DJ/Live shows across North America and Europe.

“’Clarity’ is probably the most autonomous album I’ve made in a long time. It’s the first time I’ve really been able to detach myself from the self-imposed burdens and pressures of music making whilst also having true artistic freedom. It continues the conscious shift of recent albums to a more traditional recording setup of live instruments and hardware synths and drum machines rather than getting lost tweaking things on a computer screen.

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