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Björk shows residential recording studio in Spain

Björk während der Aufnahmen zu „Homogenic“ im Jahr 1997. Musikgeschichte.

To record in privacy away from media attention, Björk’s tour drummer Trevor Morais offered his residential studio. It’s located on the lower level of a 7-bedroom villa in Marbella(near Málaga), Andalucia, Spain. Björk had originally intended to stay only briefly, but later decided to record the entirety of ‚Homogenic‘ there(1997). She made a final trip out of the country before staying in Spain. As she had done since moving to London, Björk returned to Iceland for Christmas. While there, she wrote more new songs for Homogenic, including ‚Jóga‘. Before returning to record, she was sidetracked by a two-week worldwide press tour for the promotion of her remix album Telegram, which had just been released.

After returning to the studio in Spain in late January, Björk had intended to produce the album alone but sought collaborators including Dravs, Howie B, Guy Sigsworth and LFO’s Mark Bell. Howie B had worked with Björk on ‚Debut‘ and ‚Post‘ and Sigsworth had played harpsichord on ‚Post‘. Wu-Tang Clan almost contributed to the production of ‚Homogenic‘, but were unable due to their production on the album Wu-Tang Forever, which had taken longer than planned. Most of the melodies on the album were created by Björk, who then composed string sections on a Casio keyboard and brought them to programmers who would add rhythmic patterns. Other unorthodox methods of recording were used during the production, including Björk wanting to record outside on the porch and using non-professionals to help with production, such as Rebecca Storey, who was hired as a babysitter but added to the production staff after showing interest in the equipment.


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