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Eine goldene Badewanne, die auf Schienen auf einen Balkon fährt

Die Frage nach dem Warum stellt sich da ja schon irgendwie, aber vielleicht einfach nur weil es eben geht. Ähm… Fährt.

At the hotel Auberge aux 4 Vents in Fribourg, Switzerland, a gold painted bath on rails is available for guests to soak in whilst enjoying the lovely view.

The luxurious bath was shared by Felix Unholz, as he sat in the tub whilst it rolled out of a window onto a small balcony specially designed for the bath.

As the windows opened he rolled out with a full bath of bubbly water to relax in, whilst he admired the stunning Swiss countryside from his room on the second floor.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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