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Charity Tetris/iNudge/Tenorion Mash-Up Game

„Chime“ nennt sich das Game und ist über Xbox Live Arcade erhältlich. Es erinnert an Tetris gemischt mit einem TenoriOn/iNudge-mäßigem Grid-Sequencer. Den musikalischen Content steuerten Produzenten wie Moby, Fred Deakin, Markus Schulz, Paul Hartnoll und Philip Glass(!!!) bei. Hinter dem Spiel steckt eine Initiative der Videogame Industrie namens „One Big Game“, die Programmierer und Entwickler zusammen bringt, um Games zu entwickeln deren Einnahmen Wohltätigen Zwecken zu gute kommt.

How to play

Chime is all about placing shapes on a grid to make music. Gamers control a single shape at a time, and can move, rotate, and then place it on the grid. A beatline moves across the grid in time with the music, and sets off events when it hits placed shapes. Quads are created by placing shapes in solid blocks of 3×3 or more. When a quad is completed and the beat line hits, different musical samples are triggered dependent on its shape.

The size of the quad denotes the score, and multipliers can be achieved by having several quads on the screen at once. Once the beatline hits a completed quad, it is stamped down into the grid, earning the player coverage. Put simply, place blocks to create quads, create quads to gain coverage, and gain coverage to fill the grid.

Chime features two modes to explore and conquer; five fantastic songs by world-famous musicians – including Moby and Paul Hartnoll (Orbital); multiple difficulty levels; and different playing grids with a variety of shape-sets. Chime also offers full Xbox LIVE Arcade leaderboard support so players can impress the world with their musical talent and promote goodwill.

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