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Doku: The James Dean Story

Irgend ein jemand war so freundlich und hat die komplette Doku „The James Dean Story“ auf die Tube geladen. Veröffentlicht wurde diese im Jahr 1957.

Shortly after James Dean died in a car crash, Robert Altman and George W. George (son of Rube Goldberg) set out to document the young star’s brief life. The results are mixed. The narration (written by Stewart Stern, who wrote Rebel Without a Cause and befriended Dean) tries to get beyond the public image of Dean as the cool rebel to show the lonely young man underneath. It’s a bit overwrought, but that’s understandable, given the strong emotions Dean elicited from those who knew and loved him. But Martin Gabel is all wrong as narrator; his stentorian delivery turns the hot-blooded musings of youth into ponderous, pompous pronouncements totally lacking in humor. The most interesting element is the people of Fairmont, Indiana, where Dean grew up–straightforward, direct, and proud of Dean not for the fame he attracted but for who he was.


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