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Doku-Trailer: Apollo 11

Zum 50. Jahrestag der Apollo 11-Mission, kommt ein Dokumentarfilm in die Kinos, der einzig aus Archiv-Materialen gemacht wurde. Dafür wurden 65-mm-Film-Aufnahmen mit mit dem Sound aus 11.000 Stunden Audio-Aufnahmen unterfüttert, die damals während der Mission entstanden sind. Und das sieht ziemlich fantastisch aus.

Miller and his team collaborated with NASA and the National Archives (NARA) to locate all of the existing footage from the Apollo 11 mission. In the course of sourcing all of the known imagery, NARA staff members made a discovery that changed the course of the project — an unprocessed collection of 65mm footage, never before seen by the public. Unbeknownst to even the NARA archivists, the reels contained wide format scenes of the Saturn V launch, the inside of the Launch Control Center and post-mission activities aboard the USS Hornet aircraft carrier.

The find resulted in the project evolving from one of only filmmaking to one of also film curation and historic preservation. The resulting transfer — from which the documentary was cut — is the highest resolution, highest quality digital collection of Apollo 11 footage in existence.


The other unexpected find was a massive cache of audio recordings — more than 11,000 hours — comprising the individual tracks from 60 members of the Mission Control team. “Apollo 11” film team members wrote code to restore the audio and make it searchable and then began the multi-year process of listening to and documenting the recordings. The effort yielded new insights into key events of the moon landing mission, as well as surprising moments of humor and camaraderie.

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