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Durch den Palast der Republik gehen: Untersuchung des Abwesenden

Bruno Di Lecce hat den Berliner Palast der Republik mit einer Animation komplett rekonstruiert und nimmt uns mit bei seinem Gang durch „Erichs Lampenladen“.

The video animation is a virtual reconstruction of the Palast der Republik, the former headquarters of the GDR government and recently demolished. The 3D reconstruction is supported with interactive and performative actions in the virtual space that alter the perception: a long opening sequence made up walking in the dark with a flashlight that illuminates and reveals the progressive fragmentation of space, or by overlapping images found footage projected on the model acquires a life, it becomes a window in memory. The editing rhythm, the points of view from which the camera films alienating space, adds to the pathos of „survey of absence“ (Untersuchung des Abwesenden). The music prolongs the perception, seeking adhesion to the flow of images. The sounds appear to come from somewhere else that is a compelling place in the final shots of the demolition. Here the music brings out the matter and vice versa: the metallic beams stacked without echo function, the surface of the river is vibrating, the concrete structures disintegrate. Matter in its first chaos ago while reporting the presence of a virtual model of the historical world now gone, called the imagination to work that reconstructs a space and then sort the meanings. This development work of memory is the subject of the video, a subject that is not fixed in any final form but is still not known between representation and reality, between matter and meaning.

(Direktlink, via Interfilm)

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  1. Anonymous8. September 2012 at 20:47

    eine unglaublich tolle und realistische Darstellung von Erichs Lampenladen. Leider sieht man fast nur den Eingangsbereich und nicht den Paralmentssaal.

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