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Ein Videoportrait über Lieferfahrer in Manhattan während der Corona-Krise: Delivered

Schöner Kurzfilm von Law Chen, der Lieferfahrer in Manhattan über ihren Arbeitsalltag während der Corona-Krise reden lässt. Ohne die Leute würden einige wohl ganz schön hungrig bleiben.

A slice of life in the time of corona. Thousands of invisible front line workers risk their health every day to bring food to your couch. They aren’t just immigrants struggling to survive in New York City. They aren’t just the delivery men and women you don’t look at when you open your door. They are the backbone of this city, they are the essential. Most importantly, they are people too and they deserve our respect and recognition now more than ever. Tip generously if you’d like and give them PPE if you can.

I’ve been riding alongside couriers and messengers in the city for a decade. In the past, I’ve been mistaken as a delivery biker whenever I carry any sort of bag even in my own building, probably because I’m asian. That used to annoy me, but now I realize they’re more needed than most of us.


(Direktlink, via Gilly)

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