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Liondub mixt Podcast für Urb

Und genau so geht der Abend steil – Arsch tretend.

The world of dubstep and drum and bass has particular voices in particular regions. In the realm of New York City, there’s Erik Wise, better known as Liondub. An avid audio obsessive of classic hardcore, jungle, drum and bass and now a particular side of dubstep, Liondub not only has his an excellent selective background but also runs the fantastic Liondub International label. You can also see him at the Brooklyn-based record haven that is Halcyon, as he frequents there a bit. With that said, this exclusive mix of dubstep and classic DnB cuts is a reminder that Liondub is out and about.


1. Kryptic Minds – Three Views Of A Secret – Swamp81
2. Kryptic Minds – Organic – Swamp81
3. Breakage ft. Erin – Justified – Digital Soundboy
4. Cyrus – Junkyard – Tectonic
5. Rockwell – Stowaway Dub – Digital Soundboy
6. Rockwell – Molluch – Digital Soundboy
7. Data – Abstractions – Horizons
8. Spy – Xenomorph – Metalheadz
9. Bladerunner – Flava – Dub
10. Serum – Gutter Life – Dub
11. Bladerunner – Nuclear Attack – Dub
12. Marcus Visionary – Bounce (Bladerunner RMX) – Liondub
13. Serum – Basslick – Dub
14. Hazard – Against The Clock – Playaz
15. Fresh – Heavyweight – Digital Soundboy
16. Pearson Sound – Down With You – Darkestral Ga

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