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Live Face Projection Mapping 2

Real-time face tracking and 3d projection mapping von Nobumichi Asai, das nicht weniger schön ist als das letzte, das ich von Julio Obelleiro hier drin hatte. Da wird sich ganz sicher noch so einiges entwickeln.

New face projection mapping work using Real-Time Face Tracking “Connected Colors” is included within the Intel Corporation experience amazing campaign.

“Connected Colors” which was planned and produced with the technical direction by media artist Nobumichi Asai (WOW), conceptualizes the coexistence of life. The motif is centered on the colors of nature, and is an expression of electric make-up in the form of various colors intermingling and harmonizing. Expressed from beyond the viewpoint of humanity, “Connected Colors” aims to convey the human desire for harmony and coexistence of life on Earth.

(Direktlink, via René)

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