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Synkro – Memories Mix (2008-2011)

Der gute Synkro wird am 24.02. auf Apollo ein Album mit dem Titel “Memories (2008-2011)” releasen, welches Track seiner Schaffensperiode in den Jahren 2008 – 2011 zusammenfasst. Diese Tracks kamen vorher schon auf anderen Labels, aber Apollo will die offenbar nochmal als gesammeltes Paket schnüren. Ich dürfte fast alle dieser Tracks in irgendwelchen meiner Mixe untergebracht haben, finde hier also nicht wirklich neues. Aber: dieser Promo-Mix für das kommende Album ist ein echter Knaller und hat alles, was Synkro so einzigartig macht.

Following 2015’s stellar debut album ‘Changes’, Apollo Recordings is proud to present a collection of Synkro’s formative early works.

Originally released on scene stalwart labels such as Smokin’ Sessions, Blackout, Box Clever, Med School and Exit Records, these tracks displays the music that forged his career tracking his progression up to signing to Apollo.

Despite having come up during the dubstep era McBride’s music has always resisted easy classification – winding together such diverse influences as Boards Of Canada, dBridge, Burial and Oneohtrix Point Never, whilst still remaining utterly unique.

The trademark warm sonics, and emotive melodies that were ever-present in ‘Changes’ are in strong evidence here – lush pads, ambient/balearic washes and soulful vocals, underpinned by a skeleton of tough, crisp beats. What is most surprising and captivating about these early works is just how consistent McBride’s sonic vision remains – melancholic, cinematic, soothing yet vital – his is a strong and truly unique voice nearly a decade into his career.


1. If Only
2. Just To See Her
3. Inhale ft. Faib
4. Empty
5. Everybody Knows
6. Lost For Words
7. Look At Yourself
8. Girl
9. Presence
10. Memory
11. Departure
12. Progression
13. Summer Blues
14. Letting Go
15. Open Arms
16. Synthetic
17. 4U
18. In Transit

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