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Schlagwort: Adventure Time

Adventure Time auf Vinyl


Bevor Adenture Time im nächsten Jahr eingestampft wird, können die geneigten Liebhaber jetzt nochmal Adventure Time Vinyl shoppen. Schönes Sammlermaterial. Hier bei ThinkGeek für knapp 30 Dollar.

„The Music of Ooo, a brand new vinyl LP available to you in exclusive (as in, you can only get them here at ThinkGeek, friend) colored vinyl variants celebrating your choice of Finn, Me-Mow, or Tree Trunks. Or get all three and then get your DJing on, especially if you happen to have three arms to spin with. Featuring fan-favorite tunes from Seasons 1 through 7, including… you know what? The track listing is at the bottom. We typed it up just for you, so scroll down and check it out with your eyeballs.“

adventure_time_vinyl-600x600 jkmh_adventure_time_music_of_ooo_exclusive_vinyl_tree jkmh_adventure_time_music_of_ooo_exclusive_vinyl_meow jkmh_adventure_time_music_of_ooo_exclusive_vinyl_finn

(via Daniel)

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