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Schlagwort: Clocks

Interaktive Schneekugel-Uhr

Natürlich nicht mit echtem Schnee, sondern Styroporkörnern und dennoch recht hübsch anzuschauen und zu stürmig verwedeln: die Schneekugel Uhr von Baek Sunwoo, Kim Myeongseong und Prof. Lee Woohun aus Südkorea.

Time to Snow is an interactive installation that displays the current time using tiny Styrofoam grains that resemble snow. The installation emphasises the aesthetic allure and ephemeral nature of snow in an immersive and magical experience. The title not only evokes “displaying time with snow”, but also serves as a double entendre to the enchanting moment when it snows. Time to Snow simulates the experience of interacting with real snow, and viewers are invited to interact playfully with the polystyrene grains using hand gestures.

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„Time Slider“ als digitale Wanduhr

Geile Wanduhr, durch die sprichwörtlich die Zeit gleitet. Wer sie nachbauen will, kann das nach der Anleitung bei Instructables gerne tun.

A digital clock that uses sliding frames to conceal certain segments of the digits.
Every minute, the frames move in a synchronized manner to display the current time.
The clock is powered by a microprocessor that controls eight small stepper motors. A battery-backed real-time clock (RTC) module keeps track of the time.
(And no, it’s not nearly as loud in reality. I failed to adjust the sound level when I tried to use noise reduction to eliminate the background noise from the recording.)

(Direktlink, via Yanko Design)

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The Levitating Clock

Eine Wanduhr mit einer schwebenden Kugel als Zeiger. Hier vor Jahren schon durchfinanziert bei Kickstarter, aber immer noch sehr schön.

In our modern age levitation still looks like magic, so I guess you could call Flyte a team of wizards. Earlier they have produced a levitating light bulb and now they’re back with a hovering clock. It’s called STORY and its main feature is a magnetically levitating sphere. It travels around the wooden base and completes one full orbit at the interval of a person’s choice. The backlit display can be set to visualize different light patterns (like the moon phases).

(Direktlink, via Book of Joe)

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Flammen auf Kupfer machen bunte Uhren

Brent Artman ist ein in Colorado lebender Künstler, der für sich Kupfer im Zusammenhang mit Flammen entdeckt hat und aus dieser Kombination heraus bunte Wanduhren herstellt. Nice.

Brent Artman is an artist in Colorado. He takes a large piece of copper and cleans it until it’s shiny. He uses reduction flame to remove oxidation from the piece and create line work on the copper. Once he has his pattern mapped out, he can start to change the color of the design with the fire. Once the piece is complete, he seals it with a clear coat so the colors don’t continue to oxidize.


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