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Schlagwort: FSOL

Future Sound of London Tribute, mixed by Funky Jeff

Der kanadische DJ Funky Jeff, der regelmäßig Tribute Mixe von herausstechenden Produzenten macht, hat sich nun die Produktionen von FSOL vorgenommen. Oder auch denen, die irgendwas mit den Tracks von FSOL gemein haben. Wenn man die ordentlich zusammenbrät, kann dabei – rein musikalisch – absolut gar nichts schief gehen. Und so schickt Funky Jeff hier den Hörer über drei Stunden lang auf eine Reise durch die FSOL Geschichte.

(Direktlink, via Swen)

1) Test transmission 1 / Lost In The Mists Of Time
2) Dead can dance : Dawn of the iconoclast sampled on Papua new guinea
3) Papua new guinea
4) Meat beat manifesto : Radio Babylon sampled on Papua new guinea
5) Lifeforms (Path 4 featuring Elisabeth Fraser)
6) Curve : Rising (FSOL Headspace mix)
7) Yage
8) Her face forms in summertime
9) My Kingdom (part 1)
10) Smokin Japanese babe
11) Max
12) Elaborate burn
13) Ozric Tentacles: Phalarn dawn (Pungent Effulgent) sampled on My Kingdom
14) Ozric Tentacles: Agog in the ether
15) Tri Atma with Klaus Netzle : Microcosmos sampled on Cascade
16) Cascade
17) Vocal sample excerpt from Deep cover (1992 with Lawrence Fishburne)
18) Lifeforms
19) Andrew Grossart & Paul Williams : Shining Ice
20) William Thomson & Trevor Nightingale : Cloud Formations
21) Tomita : Venus In A Space Uniform Shining In Fluorescent Light (Williams: Close Encounters Of The Third Kind) sampled on Ill flower
22) Ill flower
23) Gong : A sparkling of clouds
24) It’s my mind that works
25) Eyes pop skin explode
25) Klaus Schulze : Airlights
26) Omnipresence
27) Stephen Lack as Cameron Vale excerpt from Scanners – sampled on Among myselves
28) Life from Ends featuring Talvin Singh
29) Miller explains the weirdness in the world – excerpt from Repo man sampled on It’s my mind that works
30) Little brother
31) Amorphous Androgynous : High tide on the sea of flesh
32) Translation 8 : the big blue
33) Slider
34) Far-out son of lung and the ramblings of a mad man
35) Stereo MC’s : Connected (FSOL remix)
36) Translation 3 : The lovers
37) Egypt
38) Glass
39) Amorphous Androgynous : Swab (Nmesh remix)
40) Mental Cube : Q
41) Papua new Guinea (Long 12 mix version)
42) Expander (Long 12 mix version)
43) Berzeck arcade 10k points video game sampled on Humanoid
44) Run DMC : Tougher than leather sampled on We have explosive
45) We have explosive
46) We have explosive (Semtex remix)
47) Papua new Guinea (Satoshi Tomiie remix)
48) Papua new Guinea (Hybrid remix)
49) Lifeforms (Wignomy brothers & Robag Wruhmes simetikon 002-006 re-edit)
50) Room 208
51) Fields of flowers
52) Everyone in the world is doing something without me
53) Vangelis : Rachel’s song sampled on My Kingdom
54) Domain
55) Photosynthesis

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