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Schlagwort: Hummingbirds

Kolibri als Kumpel

Dieser Herr hier hat in Oakland die Bekanntschaft mit einem Kolibri gemacht, den er dann „Hector the nectar collector“ genannt hat. Seitdem kommt Hector regelmäßig vorbei erfreut sich an den kleinen Mahlzeiten, die ihm angeboten werden.

Julian, known online as „Birdperson666“, has always had a love for wildlife. Living in Oakland, he wasn’t expecting to spark a friendship with a hummingbird living near by. It took about 5 days to get Hector, short for „Hector the nectar collector“, to trust him enough to stop and eat right from Julian’s hand. Hector has gone viral on social media, with over 800,000 follows on his TikTok page. Julian makes Hector’s nectar according to a specific recipe, so that it’s chemically as close to natural nectar as possible. He hopes his videos inspire others to explore and appreciate the nature around them.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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Ganz schön was los am Buffet.

I have been feeding the hummingbirds for 24 years because it’s joyous and signifies the end of winter here in the Canadian north when they arrive at the end of April. Hummingbirds return to the same feeding stations yearly and I’m consistent with the feeding. They like to be near a water source and brighten my view of beautiful Stuart Lake.


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Kolibri präsentiert sein reflektierendes Gefieder

Kolibris sein einfach ganz zauberhafte Vögel, finde ich.

I was in my living room when I heard a thud on the window. I went outdoors to investigate and found the hummingbird on the ground. I scooped it up in my hand and held it lightly to my chest. Being the photographer that I am, I went back into the house to grab my phone and went back out and open my hand and it went up onto my thumb where it stayed for just over a minute while I videotaped it with my other hand. When it finally flew away it Hovered about 2-4 ft from my face and looked at me then flew away.


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Zeitlupe zeigt Details aus dem Leben von Kolibris

Superbeeindruckende Fotos und Videoaufnahmen, die der Fotograf Anand Varma in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Ornithologen Christopher Clark für National Geographic gemacht hat.

In pursuit of the world’s smallest bird, we’ve come to the backyard of a flamingo pink house in Palpite, Cuba. Ornithologist Christopher Clark has a car full of gear to unload: cameras, sound equipment, a sheer cube-shaped cage. Within minutes of arriving this May morning, Clark is spinning around in circles. He’s trying to follow the path of a bullet with wings as it whizzes from one clump of orange fire bush blossoms to the next. When the hummingbird pauses to draw sugary fuel from the flowers, his wings continue to beat a grayish blur too fast for the human eye to resolve.

(via Designboom)

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