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Wie bei Faber-Castell Textmarker gemacht werden

Kurzweiliges How it’s made-Video aus dem Hause Faber-Castell.

The small, but highly efficient Engelhartszell plant is located on the banks of the Danube near the famous Danube loop. At our production location in Austria, around 35 million writing instruments are produced every year, and around 250 tons of ink are produced and processed per year. Textliners and inks for liquid writing instruments such as Fineliner, PITT Artist Pen and Multimark are supplied to Faber-Castell plants worldwide. The „Textliner 48“, manufactured exclusively in Engelhartszell, is an export hit and is sold in over 120 countries.

(Direktlink, via The Kid Should See This)

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Wie Tropfen zu einem Schmetterling werden

Ich habe keine Ahnung, was Michael van Straaten dort macht, aber es sieht großartig aus.

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