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Schlagwort: Scotty Bob

Im Wingsuit durch Gebirgsschluchten

Meines Erachtens sind diese Tüpen* völlig wahnsinnig. Womöglich sind wir uns da einig. Aber ich mag es voll gerne, ihnen bei ihrem fliegendem Wahnsinn zuzusehen. Womöglich sind wir uns auch da einig.

Scotty Bob Morgan (or ‘Robert’ as it says on his birth certificate) is a wingsuit flyer who has made a name for himself as a proximity flyer, that is, someone who gets as close as possible to the ground, trees, cliffs, other wingsuit flyers, and/or various other things that might kill him if he hits them while flying.

The following is a selection of his flights from around the United States over the last year. If you put the video in full screen, you can actually feel your fingers scraping the cliff-side and the tops of the trees.

(Direktlink, via Deepgoa)

*Und Tüp immer mit “ü”.

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