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Schlagwort: Star Wars

Wie man einen Todesstern aus Bambusholz macht

Frank Howarth lässt die Grenze zwischen Handwerk und Kunst schwinden und macht sich einen Todesstern aus Bambusholz. Großartig!

May the 4th be with you! I have wood turned a Death Star out of bamboo plywood. The build consists of making two segmented halves that seam together at the trench. Each half is made of 9 rings. Each ring has 13 segments. (13 seemed like an evil number). There is one extra ring to help the two halves overlap at the seam. The superlaser dish was turned separately. The hole in the Death Star and the profile of the dish were cut on the CNC router to allow to two to fit together.

(Direktlink, via Sploid)

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