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Schlagwort: Stop-Motion

Invisible Skater

Schöne Fleißarbeit von Patagraph der einfach mal einen unsichtbaren Skater etliche Tricks machen lässt.

This my is actually my almost first loop 2020 but it could be my last in 2019! I shot it last December. It was quite quick to animate but I couldn’t imagine how long it was to post-product!
But I’m pretty happy with it now.

(via RBYN)

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Restauration einer Super Soaker aus dem Jahr 1990 in Stop-Motion

Dass ich ein Faible für diese Restaurationsvideos habe, in denen Altes zu Neuem wird, ist jetzt keine Überraschung, dass ich die Restauration einer 1990er Super Soaker, die primär aus Plastik besteht, ziemlich uninspirierend vorstellte auch nicht. Aber dann kommt dieses Filmchen als Stop-Motion und hält mich dann doch am gucken.

This video took me around 50 hours to make and just over 4000 photos. I have been wanting to get to item for a while now. It’s a 1990 Super Soaker made by Larami Corp.
This was the video I wanted to release on April 1st, but I ran out of time. This thing is almost entirely plastic and most parts are permanently glued together. Those features make it very hard to actually restore, but slightly easier to repair. I had to break off the orange plastic caps at the back of the Super Soaker in order to get it apart. Once apart, it was a simple glue up to fix the broken pieces. The HDPE plastic water containers cannot be revived to their original colour, so I just had to repaint them.

(Direktlink, via Laughing Squid)

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