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Schlagwort: Stop-Motion

Stop Motion Animationen zerlegter weggeworfene Konsumgüter

Die Industriedesignerin Dina Amin zerlegt jeden Freitag weggeworfene Konsumgüter, die meist technischer Natur sind, um so sehen zu können, was unter der Schale der Geräte steckt. Daraus macht sie dann recht hübsche Stop Motion Animationen. Hier eine Zusammenfassung.

“On Fridays I pick a random product, I disassemble it, examine it and make a stop motion story with its parts,” Amin shares on her website. Of the deeper theme of the work, the designer writes that “we consume too many things to the point that we forgot the amount of work that was put into bringing even the tiniest pieces of things! We rarely see what’s inside each product thus treat it as one whole part; not as a plastic cover, with buttons, vibrator motor, mic and so on. This makes it easier to throw things away, one thing goes to waste, and not many.”

(Direktlink, via Colossal)

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Invisible Skater

Schöne Fleißarbeit von Patagraph der einfach mal einen unsichtbaren Skater etliche Tricks machen lässt.

This my is actually my almost first loop 2020 but it could be my last in 2019! I shot it last December. It was quite quick to animate but I couldn’t imagine how long it was to post-product!
But I’m pretty happy with it now.

(via RBYN)

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