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Trailer zur von Peter Jackson gemachten The Beatles-Doku-Serie “Get Back”

Ich bin jetzt nicht der größte Beatles-Fan, aber diese von Peter Jackson für Disney+ gemachte Doku-Serie werde ich mir auf allerjedensten ansehen.

The official trailer for #TheBeatlesGetBack is here! The Disney+ original docuseries, directed by Peter Jackson, will be arriving on Disney+ just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. Made entirely from never-before-seen, restored footage, it provides the most intimate and honest glimpse into the creative process and relationship between John, Paul, George, and Ringo ever filmed. Be sure to check them both out, and don’t forget to watch “The Beatles: Get Back” when it rolls out over three days, November 25, 26, and 27, 2021, exclusively on Disney+.


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Ein Mixtape, das Paul McCartney Weihnachten 1965 für die Beatles aufgenommen hat

Zu Weihnachten 1965 hat Paul McCartney ein Mixtape für seine Band-Kollegen der Beatles aufgenommen. Voll mit “Loops, hits and samples”. Es soll davon wohl nur vier Kopien geben – und ich mag die Idee. Weil Mixtapes damals sehr viel wichtiger waren, als sie das heute sind. Vier Kopien nur.

During the Christmas of 1965, Paul McCartney went to music publisher Dick James’ studio to transfer a tape onto disc as a present for his fellow Beatles. With Paul playing DJ and the occasional guest spot, he’d call the album “Unforgettable” Only four copies were ever pressed, with many – including McCartney – believing they were lost in the mists of time. This is all that survives of that original tape.

(Direktlink, via The Vinyl Factory)

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Deepfake: The Beatles in Herr der Ringe

Der Filmemacher Alex Skorkin hat die Filmtrilogie “Herr der Ringe” als Kooperation zwischen den Beatles und Stanley Kubrick visuell neu interpretiert. Dafür benutzte er Kubricks unverwechselbaren Regiestil, Deepfake-Technologie, um die Fab Four in einen Filmtrailer einzufügen, und ihre Musik, die da ziemlich gut raufpasst.

What if Stanley Kubrick and J.R.R. Tolkien would have agreed to do this project with The Beatles in the late 1960s?

(Direktlink, via Geeks are sexy)

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Auf 23 7″ Vinyls: The Beatles – The Singles Collection

Beatles- und Vinylliebhaber, da kommt was. Eine Box mit 23 7-Inches nebst einem 40-seitigem Booklet: The Beatles – The Singles Collection. Kostenpunkt: 196,28 Euro.

These singles, plus an exclusive new double A-side single for the mid-1990s-issued tracks “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love,” are newly cut for vinyl from their original mono and stereo master tapes by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios for a new limited edition boxed set. The Beatles: The Singles Collection presents 46 tracks on 23 180-gram seven-inch vinyl singles in faithfully reproduced international picture sleeves, accompanied by a 40-page booklet with photos, ephemera, and detailed essays by Beatles historian Kevin Howlett. The collectible set will be released worldwide on November 22 by Apple Corps Ltd./Capitol/UMe.

(Direktlink, via BoingBoing)

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Video: The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun (2019 Mix)

Zum gestrigen 50-jährigen Jubiläum des letzten Beatles-Album “Abbey Road” wurde ein Musikvideo zu “Here Comes the Sun” veröffentlicht. Die Visuals von Alasdair Brotherston zeigen Fotos, die Linda McCartney während der Aufnahmen zur Platte in den Abbey Road Studios gemacht hat. Außerdem vom letzten Fotoshooting der Gruppe im Tittenhurst Park.

Abbey Road presented with new mixes in stereo, 5.1 surround, and Dolby Atmos; expanded with previously unreleased session recordings and demos.

Super deluxe 4 disc set, 3 LP deluxe vinyl, 2 CD deluxe, limited edition picture disc, CD, LP, digital and streaming. Available everywhere 27th September 2019.

It was 50 years ago today, on August 8, 1969, that the world’s most famous band stepped out from London’s EMI Recording Studios to stride, single-file, across the black and white stripes of Abbey Road’s nearby zebra crossing. With photographer Iain Macmillan balanced on a stepladder and one policeman stopping the street’s light traffic, The Beatles crossed back and forth three times, led by John Lennon, followed by Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison. Just six photos were taken, with the fifth selected as the cover shot for The Beatles’ penultimate studio album, Abbey Road, named after the tree-lined street in which the studios are located.


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Jeder Ort, auf den sich die Lyrics der Beatles beziehen, in einem Clip

Schöne Recherchearbeit: Dieses Video zeigt Orte, die irgendwann mal in den Texten der Beatles erwähnt wurden. Von Liverpool über die Black Mountain Hills, von Dakota bis nach Moskau, wo die Balalaikas immer klingen.

Take yourself on a tour of lyric locations in The Beatles songs. From Eleanor Rigby’s gravestone in Liverpool to Abbey Road in North London, see the locations behind The Beatles lyrics throughout England, France, Russia, India, the United States, and more countries, covering 25,510 miles around the world.

(Direktlink, via Nag on the Lake)

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