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Schlagwort: Thievery Corporation

Strictly Reggae Dub Tribute to Thievery Corporation

Zwei Stunden mixt sich Boomstyler durch das dub- und reggaegeschwängerte Schaffen von Thievery Corporation und das passt mir ganz wunderbar in den Tag. Donnerstag ist Dubberstag.

„I made this mix in honor of Thievery’s album „The Temple of I & I“ recorded in Jamaica. This mix includes some rare remixes and vinyl only b-sides. Here’s 20 yrs of TC inna reggae dub style.“

(Direktlink | Danke, Ralph!)

The Outernationalist ft Ras Pidow (Rewound)
Wax Poetic ft Norah Jones – Angels (TC remix)
Originality ft Sister Nancy
Black Uhuru – Boof n’ Baff n’ Biff (TC Reconstruction)
Radio Retaliation ft Sleepy Wonder
Amerimacka – (TC remix)
Amerimacka ft Notch
The Wailers – Get Up Stand Up (TC remix)
Anoushka Shankar – Beloved (TC remix)
Until the Morning ft Emiliana Torrini – (Rewound)
Treasures ft Brother Jack
Stargazer ft Sleepy Wonder
State of The Union ft Sleepy Wonder & Shinehead
Damian – Habanos Days – (TC remix)
Warning (Dub)
Assault on Babylon
Richest Man in Babylon ft Notch
Richest Man in Babylon (G Corp remix)
Meeting with His Majesty
2001 Spliff Odyssey
Web of Deception ft Tamara Wellons
Warning Shots ft Sleepy Wonder & Gunjan
Thunderball – Hijack (TC remix)
False Flag Dub ft Ras Puma
Sound The Alarm ft Sleepy Wonder
Letter to the Editor ft Raquel Jones
Baaba Maal – Souka Nayo (TC remix)
Lagos Communique
Boozoo Bajou – Under My Sensi (TC remix)
Truth & Rights ft Sleepy Wonder
Focus on Sight ft See-I
From Creation
A Guide for I&I
Luscious Jackson – Nervous Breakthrough (TC remix)
Coming From The Top
Walking Through Babylon
Rockers Hi-Fi – Transmission Central (TC remix)
Overstand ft Ras Puma
Wires and Watchtowers ft Sista Pat
Sun, Moon and Stars
Revolution Solution ft Perry Farrell (TC remix)
Blasting Through The City ft Notch
38-45 (A Thievery Number) ft See-I

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