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DJ Controller aus Papier

Schöne Spielerei, die Kate Stone hier aus Papier und Silber gebastelt hat. Einen DJ Controller. Und der funktioniert. Sicher nichts, was wirklich einen Praxistest zufriedenstellend überstehen würde, aber eben doch eine interessante Spielerei.

Kate Stone has advanced some futuristic technology, turning simple construction paper into turntables that actually play music.

Youth Radio and Turnstyle had the honor of hosting this inventor who wants to change the way we think about electronics. It’s awe-inspiring to watch Stone’s as-yet-unnamed creation in action: you touch your simulated turntables on a piece of paper, and you’re controlling the DJ app on the iPad sitting five feet away from you. Every function that’s available on an analog turntable, including blending songs and scratching records, is also possible with Stone’s technology.

(Direktlink, via Doobybrain)

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