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Fotos alter Rockstars mit aktuellen Band-Shirts


Der Brasilianer Butcher Billy, hat Fotos alter Rock-Idole mit aktuellen Bandshirts zusammengebracht. So trägt Pink Floyd ein Shirt von Radiohead, David Bowie steht auf Nirvana, und Gene Simmons von KISS steht auf Miley Cyrus. Auch klar.

The story of band t-shirts started in the 60’s and 70’s when hard rock had its heyday. Die-hard fans, who religiously supported their favourite acts, showed it to the world by wearing the fittingly ugly merchandise.

That continued in the next decades spreading to all genres of pop music that could generate a fandom, and eventually even rockstars started using t-shirts featuring their own music heroes, proudly reverencing to the world the past influences to their creative process.

This is a series that reverses the natural course of pop culture hierarchy – the influencer will sport the shirt of the influenced – completely messing with space time continuum and raising the question:

Bands and musicians that became hugely influential in music history – would they, when alive or in an early stage of their careers, support the new acts that came decades after inspired by their own legacy?

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(Bilder unter CC von Billy Butcher, via Atomlabor)

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