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Golf cart gone wild

Und das sehr konsequent.

“I bought this cart non-running. It needed new batteries. I changed the batteries out and reached over the front to turn the light switch on to see if the lights worked, they didn’t work. There was just a wire loose. I then proceeded to walk around and put the cart in reverse, to hear if the reverse buzzer worked. It did. I turned on the key and it took off! I then pushed it out a little, pondered the damage, which was extensive. Then just wanted to tick it in forward and it took off again. I held on so it would hit the door on the other side and just missed it, plowing into the golf clubs and then the wall, leaving a pretty big hole. It turns out that the accelerator rod had rusted and stuck it in wide open. The cart, door, and wall were fixed in two days, but I’ll say I won’t work on any more carts inside.”


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  1. Bo8. Februar 2021 at 19:22

    War bestimmt ein Montag…

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