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Hobbitartige Häuser in einem Hügel

René Douma und seine Mutter haben bei Sailes-de-Bearn in Frankreich zwei Häuser in einen Hang des Familienanwesens gebaut, wobei sie nur Bücher und Online-Foren als Referenz nutzten.

Relying on books and online forums, they excavated a knoll behind their farmhouse and used 45 acacia trees from the property to shore up the walls and roof. After a waterproofing layer of asphalt fabric, they covered the homes with dirt and waited for the native grasses to grow back.

Today, the twin homes are invisible from three sides; only the glass facade is visible from down the hill. Everything follows the slope of the land and shape of the wood beams so nothing is linear. The windows and curtains were handmade to fit the site. Even the beds were built using acacia branches.

(Direktlink, via Twisted Sifter)

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  1. Steff26. August 2022 at 09:49

    nice. haben wir auch, die waren aber vorher da. sucht mal nach“Höhlenwohnungen Langenstein“

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