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Mann sammelt 1000 Erstpressungen des “White Album”s der Beatles und stellt diese jetzt aus


Keine Ahnung, warum, aber Rutherford Chang hat über Jahre hinweg 1000 Erstpressungen des weißen Albums der Beatles gesammelt und stellt diese jetzt mit sehr interessantem Konzept in Liverpool aus. Kann man sich nämlich auch alle dort anhören. Warum auch nicht?

The seminal White Album – officially titled The Beatles – was the band’s ninth studio album, with a revolutionary cover designed by pioneering pop artist Richard Hamilton. Famously stark, the totally white design has provided a blank canvas for the coffee stains, doodles, mold and rips that have accumulated on the albums since its release in 1968, making every copy now unique.

Chang’s entire collection of over 1,000 White Albums will be displayed in the format of a record store with two vital differences, only one album is displayed, and records are only bought not sold. Visitors will be invited to browse and listen to copies of their choice.

Also featured is a vinyl album Chang created by layering 100 different copies from his collection, exploring the sonic and visual differences between the aged vinyl discs and covers.

Chang has been building his collection for eight years and says:

“The character of each copy is distinctly shaped by their individual histories, so this collection of intentical yet unique mutiples together forms a story of the past half-Century. I hope to expand my collection while in Liverpool, so please bring me numbered copies in any condition!”

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  1. bedbooster6. August 2014 at 07:26

    … number nine number nine number nine number nine number nine …

  2. ladde6. August 2014 at 08:20

    was mögen die wohl wert sein?

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