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  1. […] Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Planet Discokugel // AT10:11:17.0038h by DAS_STROMKOPF # Meanwhile @ Teh Interwebs >>> No Comments ·0 Tweet “Shooting” – Mehr Arroganz [Film] | whudat.de Was not able to watch this yet, but it looks promising, so i bookmarked it to watch it later. I hope it is any good… Update: It IS any good! Very interesting woman, who is German (like the video), which i never would have thought from the teaser image. Looked Scandinavian, or UKish to me. Anyway, light skin combined with red hair always gets me. Thinking of Gillian Anderson, Julianne Moore or Tilda (~) Swinton. RRRRROOOOAAAARRRR!!!! Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg & Akon – “Kush” [First Single From Detox] | whudat.de Yo! New single by Dre, alongside Snoop (of coz). Rumoured to be a predecessor of Dre's new album. We'll see… Nasendackel.de – home of the green headed monkey – ??? – Der dreiTag Neue drei Stunden Drei Fragezeichen Folge mit drei Fällen an einem Tag. Oder so. Selber noch nicht gehört, aber haben muss, auf jeden! Edward Norton and Brad Pitts Penis Cover Version of Frankie Avalons “Venus” on Fight Club Set : misterhonk. [ ] Stuff you might also like: (you did like this, right?)Meanwhile @ Teh Interwebs // AT10:11:04 Meanwhile @ Teh Interwebs // AT10:11:05 Meanwhile @ Teh Interwebs // AT10:11:07 Meanwhile @ Teh Interwebs // AT10:11:08 Meanwhile @ Teh Interwebs // AT10:11:11 […]

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