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Playing Music While Peaking On LSD – A Piano Improvisation

Kieran Huisman:

This video was filmed while I was „peaking“ on LSD.
Back story : September 2016 (I was 23) I was dealing with a break up with my ex and work issues on a daily basis. Then depression came at me for the first time in my life.
After speaking to my family members and my good friends, my mindset was prepared to „make a change“ before having that trip and I felt that it was a good trip helping me to let go of everything that was stopping me to be a better self.

I suppose this piece of music was a reflection of all my emotions scrambled together at that stage. I still remember the pain and emptiness in my gut while playing this random song. But then I felt completely relieved having to express whatever blockage it was in the performance.

I turned on my piano, closed my eyes and just let it flow. Surprisingly a song came out.

Ps. I am a classically trained piano player so improvising has never been my thing.


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