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Schlagwort: Acid Pauli

Mix: Acid Pauli – Stille einfügen

Dear Listeners,
It’s been overwhelming how many of you have written and asked for this year’s Fusion set. One person even counted the weight of the tears he had shed every time he came here, and found the set was not online yet. So why did it take so long?

It was a very intense four hour set at the Palapa, and it was a very intense week before that. To go back and revisit those moments required quite a bit of strength, which I didn’t have until now. Obviously the intensity of revisiting those moments at the Palapa had a lot to do with the death of our dear friend Bas Engels.

You might think that I’m loco for saying this, but I know Bas was there with us, celebrating life and death, guiding me through the set and even creating some magic, when my computer froze and I had to restart it, while improvising on a drum machine. Normally the recording would be lost then, but this time it was just there as if nothing had happened. Without him you wouldn’t be able to listen to this now.
I want to thank Bas for the special magic he created on so many occasions. Also I want to thank Eule and his team for their foresight and faith to pull me slightly out of my comfort zone, and into this perfect Sunday morning setting. And, of course, I also want to thank all of you, because
music sounds better with you.

(Direktlink | Danke, Rudi!)

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Eva Kaczor & Acid Pauli – Psychedelic Breath at Burning Man 2018

Eva ist die Yoga-Ikone in meiner Filterblase. In diesem Jahr hat sie ihr Konzept des Psychedelic Breath im Sonnenuntergang des Burning Man Festivals in die Wüste gebracht und sich dazu von Acid Pauli musikalisch begleiten lassen. Und das passt offensichtlich ganz wunderbar zusammen.

Friday at sunset, Burning Man 2018, an impressive number of humans gathered with us in front of Bjarke Ingels’ installation THE ORB. Under the guidance of Eva Kaczor and her PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, we shifted into a state of non-ordinary consciousness, experiencing deeply what it means to be human and go beyond.

This is the soundtrack that Acid Pauli created especially for this experience. May it take you into this powerful ritual that many of you opened for new beginnings.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is Eva Kaczor’s own mix of dynamic breathing techniques from ancient traditions and contemporary science. It harnesses your power to naturally expand consciousness and to reveal your inner guidance. As a Consciousness Guide, Eva travels the world with it, guiding at music festivals, entrepreneurial conferences and in private sessions to explore your purpose, drawing from her extensive knowledge about the human psyche, body, and spirit.


Ali Kuru – Lost Bedouin (Peter Power Remix)
Marco Tegui – The wizard sails alone
Sven Weisemann – Planetary Nebula
Acid Pauli – Sacado
Woodkid & Nils Frahm – Winter Morning I
Andy Stott – Numb
Colin Stetson And Srah Neufeld – And Still They Move
Ryoji Ikeda – Data.Microhelix
Vera – In The Nook
Curd Duca – Waterphonics
Acid Pauli – World’s End
Ocoeur – Progression
Billy Caso – Alive (Nutia’s Busdriver Remix)
Acid Pauli – NanaN
Dakota Suite & Quentin Sirjacq Nu Dat Deze Dag Voorbij Is
Alex Hoevelmann – Dawn
Console – Lost in Sensation
John Selway – On Time (Arthur Oskan Remix)
Christian Löffler – Core

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Album Stream: Acid Pauli – BDL

Acid Pauli hat ein neues Album am Start. BDL heißt es, kommt sowohl digital als auch auf Vinyl und hier im Stream.

Acid Pauli is a name synonymous with certain aesthetic towards electronic music culture – both a part of the unhooked generation of that grew up experiencing his revelatory sets at places like Bar 25 and Fusion, and yet deeply rooted in musicality and adventurousness. BLD, the second full album from Martin Gretschmann, (aka Acid Pauli), builds on his already impressive back catalogue which spans back to 2005, and includes a debut album released on Nicolas Jaar’s Clown and Sunset.

Over the course of the eight tracks here, Gretschmann explores some of the many facets that have made him one of the most trusted artists in his field. Released on his own (and Nico Stojan’s) label Ouïe – the album is the perfect expression of the imprint’s commitment to diverse, exciting sounds, freed of the conventions of traditional club music.

The album covers a number of moods and emotions, from dystopian carnivalesque vibes to moments of high intensity, through to deep melancholia and synth laden ambience. Gretschmann’s well documented love of the sampler shines throughout – tracks are textured and colored with different hues from his extensive sound palette, whether it’s a part of his more psychedelic moments, or concentrated on his innate knowledge of dancefloor dynamics.

As such BLD sits together as a complete piece of music – to be relished just as much by blissed out home listeners as the left-field dancers.

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Mix: Acid Pauli – Mia

Der beste aller weltbesten Acid Paulis hat einen neuen Mix in der Pipeline und der wärmt die Ohren wie die Sonne die Haut. Zusammen eine perfekte Kombination. „Mia“ ist der erste Teil einer Mixtrilogie, die weiteren Parts folgen.

Three nights, two gems and a bolt (part one)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Recently, I played three shows in the North America. The shows took place on successive nights and somehow I liked all three gigs and for different reasons. So, I would like to share them with you as a trilogy over the next couple of weeks.

Also, there is some news that I would like to share with you; starting off with the announcement of my new album that will be released later this summer. A track from my upcoming album can be heard in one of the forthcoming sets I just mentioned, so stay tuned!

But first, let’s get back to #basementmiami where I had the honor to play with my friends Satori, Viken Arman, Goldcap, Eduardo Castillo and Armen Miran. I hope you will enjoy the music. In the meantime, we are on the way to South Africa where Nico Stojan and I are teaming up with #bridgesformusic. While we are there we will of course take the chance to also stop by the African Burn!

(Direktlink | Danke, Rudi!)

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Video & Download: Acid Pauli – Mayan Warrior – Burning Man – 2015


Wir hätten ihn so gerne im Kalender dabei gehabt, aber diese Leute haben ja immer keine Zeit für nichts. Genau wie wir. Aber das ging vor zwei Tagen trotzdem online. Und ist ganz schön viel Liebe auf einmal. Und mit Download. Und bäm!

Acid PauliMayan Warrior – Wednesday – Burning Man – 2015.

„The middle of the week is here, the body knows it, the mind knows it and the soul knows it too… and the three of them agree that it´s time to go out at night and give it all dancing and get lost in music… and that´s what we all did when Acid Pauli took over after the energizing journey from Jeniffer Cardini, to take us in another kind of Journey… A journey too complex to put into words and too beautiful to not to talk about it… enough talk… let´s enjoy the journey again…“

(Direktlink Vimeo)


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Acid Pauli @ Fusion Festival 2015

Acid Pauli ist gerade vom Burning Man zurück und hat mal eben sein Set, das er auf der diesjährigen Fusion gespielt hat, in die Soundcloud geladen. So lasse ich mir den Montag nach einem verdammt harten Wochenende gefallen. Schönes Ding, sehr schönes Ding!

After a Fusion pause last year it was about time to return and I have to say it was more than a pleasure to play at Seebühne that early Sunday morning, right after Be Svendsen’s amazing set. For some moments even the sun joined for a little dance. And there were so many happy faces to see. The last 20 minutes are a reminiscence to my set at Splore festival, New Zealand, earlier this year. I had brought some of my favorite Kiwi music, but ended up in a rush towards the end as they were cutting my set-time. I wanted to to this one more time, properly, without rush. Fusion was the perfect place and moment for it.

(Direktlink, via Testpiel)

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Acid Pauli – Boiler Room Tulum DJ Set

Acid Pauli war schon im Januar im mexikanischen Boiler Room in Tulum zu Gange, aber der Mix gräbt auch 8 Wochen später noch schön tief rein.

Hier auch als Video.

(Direktlink, via Das schöne Leben)

01.Urpillay – Lum
02.Traffic (Chica Paula’s Super Emo Mix) – ???
03.Sun – Elmar Strathe
04.Techeran – Lemos
05.Motus – Ultrasone
06.iLook – Brothers of Zion
07.Lujon – Henry Mancini
08.Legends of Delay – Acid Pauli
09.Tapajos River – Uakti & Glass
10.Ripple Effect – BLANCAh
11. Steady Note – Daniel Bortz
12.Analogon – Bambook
13.Karma Game (Steve Bug Retouch) – Pentatones
14. Instant Nudment (Laolu RMX) – KrisPaglia
15.Lenoix – Marcus Worgull
16.Right This Moment – Reverse Osmosis
17.Tone 20 – Butch
18.Singing Game (Acid Pauli?s Singing Sequencer Remix) – DJ Sabo
19.Spring – Melon
20.Etudes Instrumentales: b) Flute Mexicaine – Pierre Schaeffer
21.Chant pour apaisar le tigre – ???
22.Nana – Acid Pauli & Nana
23.VI – Musumeci
24.Hit Run – ???
25.Hit Run – ???
26.Pintar el Sol – Alicia Solans, Miriam Garcia
27.La Cama de Piedra – Cuco Sanchez
28.Gorilita Gorilon – Judith Reyes
29.Die Endliche Liebe – Mathilde Hutfeld
30.Abbebe – Acid Pauli
31.Abyss – Dahu & MPathy
32.One Step INside (D.B.DeepstahlRMX) – The Notwist
33.Beso Mortal – Amparo Ochoa

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